I know, all my critics from the "fall-off-the-right-end-of-the-political-spectrum" will think that Medad has really flipped out now. Supporting the "right of return"?
How could I do that? Have I turned my back on a basic ideological and legal position of all Israel's governments, both right and left? Have I lost my head?
Well, I declare: I am a humanitarian and, as such, I support the Arab demand for the “right of return” of Pal. refugees to their homes.
Yes, for sure. I’m all for the right of return of these Arabs and these Arabs, too to go back to Gaza, all 188 of them.
We should facilitate their return to Gaza immediately (and charge them for medical fees and their hospital treatment also).
Of course, we could fool around a bit and claim that they arrived on the newest Nefesh B'Nefesh aliyah program but methinks that would be pulling your collective leg too hard.
Gee, maybe someone in power really does read this blog:
The Israel Defense Forces has begun returning the dozens of Fatah members who escaped from Gaza on Saturday back to the Strip, despite an earlier agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that the men would be transferred to the West Bank. Security sources told Ynet on Sunday that 32 of the residents were returned to Gaza by the early morning hours. The rest will be sent back later in the day or on Monday.
That was quick.
And here come the radical left, progressive, humanistics:
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel on Sunday petitioned the High Court of Justice to order the defense ministry to halt the deportation of Fatah members who fled the Gaza Strip over the weekend. Deputy Supreme Court President Eliezer Rivlin has ordered Defense Minister Ehud Barak to respond to the petition by Monday afternoon. "The matter of the petition, by its nature, cannot be deferred," wrote ACRI attorney Oded Feller in the petition. "Continuing [the process of] returning the asylum-seekers to Gaza is liable to endanger their lives, well-being and freedom."
If it's so dangerous in Gaza for these Fatah terrorists, why can't a nationalist group petition the Court to invade the area, eliminate terror that kills us and doesn't contribute to the health of the Fatah either and for once and all, get rid of Hamas? Wouldn't that be nice for an Israeli court to do? Really help out Jews, Arabs and all of mankind?


(2 Av 5768, 3/8/2008)

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