What’s with Google? Will we be seeing a turban on the ‘Os’ of the Google logo soon or perhaps Google written in Arabic? Or perhaps there’s more to Google’s blatant attempts at censorship than we think. Hat tip to the 910 Group.

In recent weeks, YouTube has deleted many videos that are critical of terrorism and violence from Islamists, including videos that just quote from the Koran and expose the political ideology within the Islamic religion.

DhmmiWatch has outed this recent example of Google censorship and said “All the video does is quote from the Qur'an, but apparently that alone was too much; while Gisburne also posted anti-Christian videos, it is reportedly the video concerning Islam that got him banned.”

At YouTube, You can say pretty much whatever you want, as long as it's not about Islam. If that's not true, YouTube user Nick Gisburne begs to differ after his account – his entire account – was deleted for its "inappropriate content."

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