Google: Israel Has No Cities or Roads

I was looking for a map of Israel to work on my City Focus Israel series, and I decided to use Google maps to find a city of the day.

Apparently there are no cities in Israel. I adjusted the map for zoom and type, and thought, this is strange. I zoomed out so I could see Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. They have cities and roads. Strange.

I took a screenshot, below, and hope Google will fix this. If you know anyone who works at Google, please let them know that there are, in fact, cities and roads in Israel. I have been on several highways and roads there personally. I also lived in a city there and visited friends and family in a handful of others. I am happy to give them a verified list of cities and roads in Israel that really exist if they are worried about verifiability.

Tomado da página de THE ISRAEL SITUATION

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