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The autotranslated Arabic Wikipedia article on the word "Jewish" contains lots of incomprehensible things, and clearly it has been used as an outlet for anti-semitism, as the header states:

As a result of sabotage on this page, disabled the ability to edit this page for new users or anonymous temporarily.

One paragraph stands out both for its bizarreness as well as for its evident hatred:

The resistance has Almachihanih [I think this means "Messiah" - EoZ]

Resistance in the Jewish concept is the Christ who would take another decade to fight Alammyin or non-Jews is a prophet in their concept and fighters deny them this is a prophecy of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) because the Prophet came unlike Jewish and racist tendencies that were Imagine that the resistance of the Jews who avenged of everything they have on one hand and the fact that the Messenger of Jesus and Mohammed opened the door for all the faith in God unlike the Jewish religion and closed Almachihanih orientation is now among some extremists affected by some American Christians and Biblical concepts that will ensure the return of Christ to Earth And waged a global war against everyone on behalf of Armageddon battle

Not sure what it means, but it doesn't strike me as being quite up the standards one would expect from an encyclopedia!

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